Do you also wish to
learn how to play padel?
play padel in the sun?
develop your game and become a better player?

travel on a sunny holiday and at the same time practice Europe's fastest growing sport?
join Nerja Padel Club and communicate with around 250 padel players/families in Nerja?

If your answer is YES, then welcome to take a lesson with Sebastian "SEBA" Arvidson,
and become a part of Nerja Padel's wonderful community!

Started 2017

Since Nerja Padel's start in February 2017, more than 2,000 players have trained with me Sebastian in the countries Spain, Sweden and India. In total there are between 200-400 players in the groups (depending on the season) so far mostly Swedish players who like to play padel in Nerja. Several are permanent residents and others are visiting regularly/seasonally. This creates a good community between players in Nerja who want to get to know each other over a padel match in the sun. In connection with your first lesson, you will get to join the appropriate WhatsApp group that is used for you to be able to communicate with the players in Nerja. The app "Whatsapp" is needed and we communicate mainly in Swedish and English. See more of all the players below, and feel free to follow @nerjapadel on Instagram and/or Facebook.