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Nerja Padel Lesson


Flexible times between 08:00 - 20:00 Monday to Sunday.

In the low season between 10-17 Monday to Friday.
Submit your request and I will do my best to grant this.


Hotel Parador in central Nerja, search for "Nerja Padel" on Google maps. See map under the "contact".

How many:

Recommend a maximum of 4 players per lesson for best quality.
If you are more than 4, get in touch for a suitable session and exact price.


1h lesson = 60-80€ depending on the number of players and the season

2h charity padel = 20€/player (7 players/group)

Rent a racket = 5€/rack,
To buy padel products, click on "Shop"

Which lesson should you choose?

Beginner lesson: for those who wish to learn the basics, recommend 1-3 players

Continuation lesson: for those who wish to mix the training between technique, positioning and match, recommend 1-4 players

Technique lesson: for those who want to sharpen special shots, recommend 1-2 players

Match lesson single: for you who want to train sparring and speed, always 1 player

Match lesson double: for you who want to train speed, signals and positioning, always 3 players

In Nerja, of course, we train outdoors with both sun, wind and sand on the courts, which makes the game very different from an indoor match. Padel is so much more than just getting the ball over the net or hitting hard, so the lessons include theory, positioning, technique and match training. Those who take lessons with me are couples, families with children/young people, groups of friends of all ages and pensioners, the oldest players are 75+.

As a beginner, we go through rules, all the basics (forehand, backhand, volley, lobs, smash, bandeja and serve) and how to be positioned on the court together with your partner. A training session lasts 1-2 hours so there is plenty of time for sun, beach, food and other activities such as tennis, yoga, horseback riding, massage, running, hiking, kayaking, diving and much more.

Each lesson includes the rent for the court, basket with balls, and instructor. After the lesson, you get a level between 1-8, and access to the group Nerja Padel, where you can advertise for players at a similar level.


Price in euro