Charity is an important cause

The focus is mainly on helping vulnerable and orphaned girls in India with an education so that they have a good life and do not have to marry as young girls. It is close to my heart because I myself have been adopted from Bombay, India. That is why I have chosen to support the orphanage, Annai Home for children, Tamil Nadu, India, through the Swedish organization BFA - Barnen Framför Allt, (Children Above All in English).

Nerja Padel plays "charity padel" in the weekends for these girls. On their free day when they play barefoot in the sandy plot (see picture above) at the orphanage, we play padel and at the same time contribute to these 300 girls being allowed to go to school and can sleep safely at night, which is the only thing they ever wish for. Nerja Padel contributes with a minimum of
1.400 €/year, and together we also increase in the number of sponsors every year.

How do we play?

On weekends we usually play King/Queen of the Court, called a "pull" in Spanish. This is a very popular social event that supports the orphanage in India. At these events, it is mainly about having fun and getting to know other (mostly Swedish) players and making new friends. Groups will be divided by level as best as possible based on those who signed up, so it is almost a requirement that you have been to a lesson before so I know your level and can do my best to create even games, more about the levels you can read under the section levels.

King/Queen of the court

Playser with sun in the eyes start serving. We play on time, 15 min/match.
If it says 40-40, the next ball wins, ie golden point. The winners are moved up one court, the losers are moved down one court.
When you have changed court, all couples split up so you get a new partner. After 7 matches, everyone has played with everyone, which means that everyone also got a match where you have been personally coached by the trainer.

7 players/event, contribution 20€/person, time 2h event, rackets can be rented for 5€/pc.

Groups are made through WhatsApp, so the app is required.

From our visit at the orphanage in January 2019
(Have the sound on for a funnier video)